The Metal Den has undergone a complete overhaul, as you can see!

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The thing is, the site in its old form is no longer relevant. It's obsolete, and there are FAR better sites out there now that provide that for which this one was created.
The best metal resource out there now, underground and otherwise, IMO, is Encyclopaedia Metallum. check it out if it's not already in your bookmarks!

I built this site WAY back in late 1999, as a free, Geocities site, after experiencing frustration at not being able to find ANY decent, all inclusive websites for underground and extreme metal.
Many of the labels had their own, rudimentary websites, and there were fan sites here and there that covered certain sub-genres, email digest mailing lists, metal news sites, and whatnot, but nothing that had all things metal in one place.

Wikipedia was still over a year from launching, Encyclopaedia Metallum wouldn't be created until the summer of 2002, and YouTube was still five years away! Underground metal was still very much, well... underground!

Fast forward to the present, over twenty years later - The last quarter of 2021.

Artists have ample platforms and methods for getting their material heard by the masses. They don't have to invest in massively expensive, professional studio time to get some pretty damn good production values, or be signed to a label, or have the right contacts. They just have to be good musicians, have the instruments and minimum gear they'd need to play gigs, a computer, or even a decent phone, and be committed to doing the work to put their their music out there and promote it.

It's AMAZING! I love it! I'm happily drowning in endless oceans of awesome metal that just keeps coming out.

Here's the site's most recent old content

Welcome Metalheads! If what you're looking for is simple, fast loading and easy to navigate pages with tons of links, you've come to the right place! You will find  bands, Metal news and events, several merchandise links a review page, links to photos, my writing and other stuff I like besides metal (gasp! yes, there are things other than metal.. hard to believe, but true.),  most with options to add your own links or reviews, and, of course, the obligitory page about me. All bands linked here are 100% Metal.. No commercial crap!!

Hail the Gods of Metal!!

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